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About Tableau:

Tableau is data visualization software that lets you easily connect to data and use it to create interactive, sharable dashboards. 


Tableau for Students, Faculty and Researchers:

Tableau software offers instructors at accredited, degree-granting, academic institutions free access to Tableau software and resources to teach Tableau in the classroom.  Additionally, students and not for profit researchers can access a free one-year license by supplying proof of status with an accredited, degree-granting, academic institution.

For more information about Tableau for classroom use please visit their website at https://www.tableau.com/academic/teaching


Enterprise Tableau:

Enterprise Tableau is a secured area housing the University System’s operational visualizations, data sources, and development areas. It requires prior account activation and a connection to the VPN. Once you have an account and have logged into the VPN, it is accessed at https://tableau.unh.edu/.


Support for Enterprise Tableau Services:

Tableau Information 

Request Tableau Support

Request a Consultation

Request an Account


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