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Request for Financial Benefits (Durham)
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Benefits Request for Certification (RFC) To Use Your Benefits... To ensure you receive your benefits in a timely manner, students must complete a Request for Certification (RFC) form every semester. Please make sure to complete this form a minimum of two months prior to the start of the semester, typically when you begin registering for classes. RFC's may be submitted up to 4 months prior to the start of the semester. You do not need to have registered for classes to submit the form, but you are responsible for notifying us as soon as possible if your registration plans change after you have requested certification. If you are taking courses in the Spring, please complete the Benefits Request for Certification Form (RFC). (Late fees will be posted to your account after the UNH Billing deadline of 12/18/16) Good News! The RFC is now easier to complete! In an effort to be a more environmentally friendly office, students can now access and complete the RFC using a smart phone, tablet, or computer! Click on the orange tab below to get started!


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