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Payment Plan / One Time Payments Node:


Student Accounts (DEPOSIT) Node:

Administrator: https://quikpayasp.com/usnh/unh/epay/administrator.do
Connector: https://tmsys.unh.edu:8443/nbs_unh/prepareLogin.do
TEST - Nelnet Administrator: https://uatquikpayasp.com/usnh/unh/epay/administrator.do
TEST - Nelnet Connector: https://tmtest.unh.edu:8443/nbs_unh/prepareLogin.do
TEST - Nelnet CSR: https://uatquikpayasp.com/usnh/unh/epay/csr.do 
TEST - Nelnet Reporter: https://uatquikpayasp.com/usnh/unh/epay/reporter.do

Contact Info:
MAPM: Karyn Sousa 508.918.7588 Karyn.Sousa@nelnet.net 
Senior Account Manger: Rachel Pascua 866.315.1263  rachel.pascua@nelnet.net

Service Fee Refunds:

Form in P drive - Shared All - QuikPay - refund transaction - complete form - email to Rachel Pascua - charge student account.

NBS Front Desk – 866-412-4637 NEW QuikPAY Tech Support Phone Number: 866.502.4637
QuikPAY Tech Support quikpay.techsupport@nelnet.net
Laurie Holbrook Customer Relationship Manager Nelnet Business Solutions Laurie.holbrook@nelnet.net  207.329.8029 CampusCommerce.com


Latest release -

No Release Notes.

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