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SmartAuth is a multi-factor authentication service provided to University System of New Hampshire (USNH) used by UNH faculty, staff, and students. SmartAuth provides an additional layer of protection to your digital identity as well as adding protection to USNH data, systems and services. 


When accessing a service protected by SmartAuth, you are required to provide your username and password which is something you know that serves as the first layer of protection. Then, you are required to provide something you have, which can be a passcode delivered to a phone or mobile device or an interaction of some kind on a mobile device.


To get started, login to your SmartAuth Profile and register a phone number.


Learn how you can register the Authenticate App on your iOS or Android phone. The Authenticate app is free, secure, and simple to use and creates no data on your device. It provides the ability to select the "Send login request" when logging into a service protected by SmartAuth eliminating the need to type in a passcode.




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